Current Schedule for 2012


Monday Beginning Tai Chi: (7:30-8:15 PM) Warm-up Qi-qong then 24-Posture Yang Style- at Creekside
  Intermediate Tai Chi: (8:15-9:00 PM) 37-Posture Yang Style and NEW!! 32- and 51- Yang Sword at Creekside



Creekside Classes: $90.00 for 7-8 classes, $12.50 drop-in. Discount for Leisure Access Members is 50%

Description of Classes

The Monday evening class at Creekside is 90 minutes long and is split into 2 parts. At 7:30 we warm up with a Qi-qong set and then Rich then works with the inexperienced students on whatever forms they are learning. Then Rich leads the 24-Posture Yang Style Form form from beginning to end, calling out the moves and transitions during the set.

Rich then works with the inexperienced students to individually coach them as they learn the set. He also talks about basic Tai Chi principles and gives them additional exercises to improve their forms.

From 8:15-9:00, Rich works with his experienced students to go deeper into fine detail work; sensing of energy (shen) and qi and how to move the body to manifest and experience them. In this part of the class he also teaches a 37-posture Yang Style Form that is derived from the one developed by Cheng-man Ching as taught to him by Diane Kehoe and John Eastman and a 32-Posture and 51-posture Sword Forms he learned from Master Helen Liang and Master Chenhan .

Rich doing a Chen Style silk reeling move

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Reeling Silk T'ai Chi

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Current session is Nov 7th to Dec 19th.

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